High-performance resins for metal packaging coatings

Market needs are changing. New regulations, changing product classifications, and consumer preference are driving can makers and brands away from products that use BPA. It’s not a matter of “if” formulators should make the change but rather “when.” Yet formulators must do this at a reasonable cost without sacrificing performance. So a lot depends on your coating formulation.

With BPA-NI Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin systems, Eastman has redefined what coating systems can do. Tetrashield offers a unique balance of durability and flexibility to improve performance, regulatory compliance, shelf life, and consumer safety. Protect cans, your bottom line, and your reputation with Tetrashield!

Tetrashield Durability

To make a lasting impression, start with a coating that lasts.

Tetrashield Productivity

BPA-NI can also be hassle free.

Tetrashield Safety

Formulate more trust into can coatings.

Key attributes

Formulating with Tetrashield protective resins enables:

  • Improved sterilization resistance because of higher Tg
  • Enhanced corrosion protection due to increased hydrolytic stability
  • Flexibility and toughness to withstand fabrication
  • Balanced overall performance compared to other commercial systems

To help ensure formulators get the best performance from Tetrashield resins, Eastman provides industry-leading technical service and starting point formulations. A good can preserves more than food. It preserves trust. Tetrashield protects the food and beverage cans that consumers trust and brands are proud to put their names on. Contact an Eastman expert for more information.

Need help finding the right resin to use?