Finding the right solution for your can coating needs

In response to regulatory demands, Eastman developed polyester BPA-NI resin technology that delivers improved resistance to food sterilization and offers long-term shelf stability while balancing the flexibility and toughness needed to withstand aggressive canning processes. It can also handle aggressive contents, such as hard-to-hold foods and beverages.

Our technical service team can provide recommendations and guidance for the industry. We can also adapt functionality with a variety of resin options that can be used stand-alone or in blends, depending on use. Tetrashield can help improve durability for easy-open ends in cans, reduce layer thickness for better throughput for the same protective capability, extend shelf-life characteristics, and help with many other desired or required technical improvements.

For more information on resin capabilities and regulatory information, fill out the form and an Eastman representative will be in touch shortly.