Tetrashield protective resin systems

Eastman Tetrashield™ resin systems create coatings that protect.

Through ground breaking weathering, chemical resistance, and hardness, Tetrashield resins make coatings more durable. By enabling low-VOC formulations and eliminating energy-intensive manufacturing steps, they protect people and our planet. Eastman has a long history of developing innovative polymers to solve the toughest problems, and our latest innovation of Tetrashield protective resin systems continues this legacy.


Automotive Protective Industrial Metal Packaging



In lab tests, coatings based on Tetrashield show significant enhancement in weathering and UV stability with a better balance of hardness and flexibility.


Tetrashield has excellent solubility properties. This allows for more efficient film build, faster film drying, and ultimately a more efficient coating process.


Lab tests show that coatings formulated with Eastman Tetrashield protective resin systems can be formulated to higher solids levels, allowing formulators the ability to be compliant with environmental regulations.

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