Our circular solutions

Carbon renewal technology

Processes a broad mixture of material waste and breaks it back down into molecules, ultimately converting it into materials used in a wide range of new consumer goods
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Polyester renewal technology

Processes a particular family of materials—polyesters—and unzips them back to basic monomers, ultimately converting them into materials used in a wide range of new consumer goods.
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Mechanical and molecular recycling

Mechanical and molecular recycling are two very different approaches to recycling with clearly different benefits. We believe mechanical recycling should be leveraged whenever possible. However, we firmly believe it will be challenging to meet sustainability goals with mechanical recycling alone. Molecular recycling, should be used for materials where mechanical recycling won’t work. In fact, the power of molecular recycling is that we are able to use materials that aren’t suitable for mechanical recycling, thus opening up many more products to a circular life cycle.
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