​​​​Goals and progress

In addition to the transformational changes happening at Eastman on a corporate level, we are in the ear​ly stages of a transformational change in our sustainability efforts under the leadership of our CSO, David Golden. With the relaunch of our Sustainability Council, we are driving a new strategic vision, which will help inspire new goals and programs. 

While many of our priority focus areas will not change, we continuously evaluate the way in which we measure and report on those areas to ensure we are committing time and resources appropriately. One thing that hasn't changed is our unyielding commitment to make a measurable positive impact on our business, employees, customers, communities, and the world. Our sustainability goals steer our efforts so we remain focused on the "big picture" targets of our strategy—areas where we believe we can create the biggest change. As part of our Responsible Care® commitment to continual improvement, we review our goals regularly and establish targets that challenge us to move the horizon forward. 

This year, we continue to report on the aspirational goals and targets we've established as we look toward the 2020 horizon. As we've achieved goals or shifted our strategic focus in line with our corporate strategy and portfolio transformation, we have added and refined the goals to reflect our priorities. We removed goals achieved during our previous reporting period. We also note focus areas in transition with new long-term goals anticipated by 2018.​






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