Together for Sustainability

Together for Sustainability 

Eastman is a member of Together for Sustainability (TfS), the Chemical Initiative for Sustainable Supply Chains. As part of this initiative, Eastman has begun assessing our supply base using the TfS assessment supplied by EcoVadis.

Together for Sustainability is a chemical industry member-driven initiative founded in 2011 by major chemical companies. Since that time, membership has grown to 20 members, including Eastman Chemical Company as the first U.S. chemical industry member. TfS develops and implements a global supplier engagement program to assess, audit and improve sustainability practices within the supply chains of the chemical industry. TfS members have two tools at their disposal to evaluate their suppliers’ sustainability management: TfS Assessments conducted via EcoVadis and TfS audits and on-site inspections conducted by preapproved audit companies. The program focuses on the environment, labor practices, fair business practices and sustainable procurement. ​

The results are then shared among TfS members, with the supplier’s consent. This collaborative approach, central to TfS, increases efficiency for both suppliers and members. Since the start of the TfS initiative, the sustainability performance of approximately 8,000 suppliers has been rated by the TfS initiative based on EcoVadis assessments. To date, Eastman has invited 435 suppliers to participate in TfS assessments and 174 of them completed the assessment and obtained an EcoVadis score.

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