​​Responsible Care® and Chemical​ Management Systems

Since 1988, Eastman has been an active supporter and participant in the chemical industry’s Responsible Care®​ initiative. The general management practices developed for Responsible Care have been further refined and incorporated into a series of corporate Health, Safety, Environmental and Security policies which Eastman applies to its operations and businesses globally. Eastman’s Responsible Care Pledge, outlining our approach to protecting people and the environment, has been one of the company’s guiding documents for years. 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of Responsible Care. It is a program that is familiar to Eastman men and women around the world and it has become the way we operate our facilities and do business. What began as a listing of management practices has become an integrated management system, complete with performance metrics and goals, public reporting, internal audits, as well as third-party audits.

Also, several of our manufacturing locations including our Corporate Headquarters have attained third-party certification of HSES Management Systems as part of their commitment to excellence or to meet business needs. Currently, Eastman has certified 32 of 53 manufacturing locations* for a total of 60% in Environmental Management Systems. Eastman has also certified 26 of 53 manufacturing locations* for a total of 49% in Health and Safety. 

Our Quality Management System (QMS) certifications, including ISO 9001,​ and additional quality certifications can be found on our Quality Site.


*Certifications include manufacturing sites and Corporate Headquarters

Anniston, ALISO 14001PDF
Anniston, ALRC 14001PDF
Antwerp, BelgiumISO 45001:2018PDF
Antwerp, Belgium - ButvarISO 14001:2015PDF
Axis, ALRC 14001:2015PDF
Chestertown, MDRCMSPDF
Corporate RCMS 2013RCMSPDF
Dresden, GermanyISO 14001:2015PDF
Dresden, GermanyISO 45001:2018PDF
Fieldale, VAVVPP - StarPDF
Gent, BelgiumISO 14001:2015PDF
Gent, Belgium - DutchISO 14001:2015PDF
Gent, Belgium - SaflexISO 14001:2015PDF
Gent, Belgium - SolutiaISO 50001PDF
Gent, Belgium - SolutiaISO 45001:2018PDF
Jefferson, PARCMSPDF
Kingsport, TNRCMSPDF
Kohtla-Jarva, EstoniaISO 14001:2015PDF
Leuna, Germany - EnglishISO 50001PDF
Middelburg, NetherlandsISO 14001:2015PDF
Nanjing, China - EnglishISO 45001:2018PDF
Newport, WalesISO 14001PDF
Newport, WalesISO 50001PDF
Newport, Wales - EMAS Certificate 1221/2009EMAS CertificatePDF
Newport, Wales - EMAS Declaration 1221/2009EMAS DeclarationPDF
Oulu, FinlandISO 45001:2018PDF
Oulu, FinlandISO 14001:2015PDF
Qilu, ChinaISO 14001PDF
Santo Toribio, MexicoCertificado Industria LimpiaPDF
Santo Toribio, Mexico - EnglishISO 14001PDF
Santo Toribio, Mexico - SpanishISO 14001PDF
Springfield, MARC 14001:2015PDF
Springfield, MAISO 14001:2015PDF
St. Gabriel, LARCMSPDF
Suzhou, ChinaISO 14001:2015PDF
Suzhou, ChinaISO 45001:2018PDF
Uruapan, MexicoCertificado Industria LimpiaPDF

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