Workforce training programs

Eastman invests in formal training programs that go beyond informal “one-on-one” training.Eastman invests in formal training programs that go beyond informal “one-on-one” training. We support the use of formal plans and documented training guides for employees at all of our plant sites around the world. At our largest United States sites, our workforce training programs have been taken to new levels through the implementation of apprenticeship programs, which are approved by the United States Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship.

Kingsport, Tennessee
In 2010, almost 100 employees graduated from our Eastman Apprenticeship programs in Kingsport. Our two registered Eastman Apprenticeship programs cover 11 occupations and provide job-related education opportunities and job-specific training that enable employees to do their jobs safely, efficiently and effectively.

Longview, Texas
The Eastman Apprenticeship program at our Longview site had 65 graduates in 2010 from four craft programs. To ensure a supply of capable apprentices in the future, the Longview site maintains partnerships with five technical colleges, including two local colleges, Kilgore College and Texas State Technical College Marshall. Additionally, Eastman partners with 11 Longview-area high schools to provide one scholarship per school to a graduating high school senior who plans to enroll in an Eastman-supported technical college program. Through these partnerships with local colleges and high schools, our Longview site continues to create awareness of Eastman career opportunities and of the technical training we provide our potential future workforce.

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