Hankkija finds success managing Salmonella with Eastman Keitex LF1

New pathogen control solution has outperformed other available products.

After the European Union denied the authorization of formaldehyde as a feed additive, Hankkija needed equally effective solutions for Salmonella control. Finland has a zero-tolerance policy, and feed millers are financially responsible for outbreaks that can be traced back to them. The company has had excellent results with an alternative—Eastman Keitex LF1, a new pathogen control solution.

“So far, every Salmonella control with Keitex LF1 has been successful on the first application,” said Antti Ahola, Hankkija’s raw material sourcing manager.

The company analyzes around 12,000 samples annually in its own government-approved laboratory and outsources more than 5,000 samples to other approved labs.

Success with one application is essential, Ahola added, both for financial reasons and to avoid supply chain interruptions. Also, failed methods can increase the resistance of the Salmonella bacteria and make getting rid of it even harder.

Hankkija finds success managing Salmonella with Eastman Keitex LF1

Under Finnish law, imported raw materials––both from inside and outside the EU––must be tested for Salmonella before being transported to feed mills. For example, a cargo of 2,500 tons would require 50 samples. Even a single positive sample will prohibit the use of the entire cargo until control measures have been taken and it is found to be Salmonella free by resampling and reanalyzing.

“The potential financial implications of such contaminations are severe, so we work hard to minimize these risks,” said Stina Hakulin, Hankkija’s quality and development manager, food and feed safety. “Zero tolerance applies in all stages––all findings are serotyped and reported to authorities.”

“What we really appreciate about Eastman is their after-sales service,” Ahola said. “They provide valuable data and analysis on the product performance. With our knowledge and experience on Salmonella screening and control, we are cautious about assuming a 100% success rate for any Salmonella control solution. But, so far, we have been successful with Keitex LF1.”

Keitex LF1 is a combination of short- and medium-chain fatty acids and other bioactive components that offers improved pathogen control compared to other available products. Due to its composition and production technique, Keitex LF1 provides plenty of technical benefits. The active ingredient content is more than 98%, which ensures moderate dosing levels. Due to a low metal-corrosion rate, the product is machine friendly. Low surface tension provides superior product penetration and increased product efficacy.

Even distribution of Keitex LF1 is crucial for successful pathogen control. To monitor the success of spreading and the amount of acid in the raw material, Eastman offers an acid recovery service. Based on the results, product application accuracy and efficacy can be improved.

Eastman can deliver quickly when Salmonella control solutions are needed, and Eastman experts are also eager to train on organic acid safety and handling.

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