Janitorial and household cleaners overview

Whether you’re formulating products for cleaning kitchen countertops, food service equipment, or an airplane exterior, Eastman ingredients can make your formulation work harder.


Eastman has a core portfolio of specialty amines used primarily as intermediates for the manufacture of surfactants. Eastman intermediates are most often used to make amphoteric and cationic surfactants that cut through greasy dirt, contribute to foam and viscosity, or condition fabrics. More ...


Eastman has a broad portfolio of oxygenated solvents that are readily biodegradable, non-HAP, VOC exempt, meet LVP-VOC requirements, and have excellent coupling efficiency for binding and dissolving soils for removal. Eastman’s extensive product line of solvents can be used in a variety of cleaning applications. More ...

Other Ingredients

Eastman also supplies ingredients that can be used to adjust pH, deliver fragrance, and preserve water-based formulations. Follow the links in your segment of interest to learn more.

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