Growth regulators and stimulators

Eastman’s ready-to-use growth regulators and stimulators can be used for a variety of applications.  

Chlormequat chloride (CCC) is the worldwide standard for growth regulation in cereals, oilseed rape, ornamentals, and cotton. By modifying the plant hormone balance in cereal crops, the plant height is reduced and stem thickness is increased. As a result, the farmer has the potential to achieve higher yield and a lower exposure to the risk of lodging during the crop cycle.

Eastman is launching a new enhanced formulation containing chlormequat chloride. This product offers improved performance and a wider window of application and is ideally suited to more extreme climate conditions. With this formulation, more farmers can benefit from the use of CCC and can therefore upgrade their complete pest management programs.  

Spodnam and Desikote are terpene-based formulations used as permeable coatings to protect plants against stress, humidity, and frost and heat and as antipod shatter.  

Tenaz is a biostimulant used to mitigate abiotic stress (hydric, wind, heat, cold, salinity, etc.) in high-value crops and row crops. Its technology provides a unique way to deliver bioavailable silicon monomers.


Eastman is serious about safety and is committed to providing information and trainings on the correct, safe application of their plant growth regulators in addition to the standard application and safety information found on labels and technical data sheets.

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Chlormequat Chloride (CCC) - 66% 
Chlormequat chloride 66% is a plant growth regulator inhibiting the action of the gibberellic acid, resulting in shortening and strengthening of stems in plants and reduced branching and foliage in certain species of shrubs and trees.

Tenaz is an unique and patented formulation of bio-available silicon.

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