Seed treatment

Plant protection starts from the very beginning: the seed. The valuable seed and the early germs are vulnerable to soilborne diseases. Eastman’s thiram is used to protect plant seeds from soil fungal disease during the early germination phase. This is achieved by coating the seed with a special form of the fungicide before planting. The use of thiram and ziram on seeds also brings the extra effect of bird repellency.

Flowsan® FS is a seed treatment formulation specifically designed for dressing maize seeds. It is a red, flowable suspension adapted to the newest industrial technologies as well as to farm-scale processes. Flowsan Ultra is a noncolored formulation primarily used to treat sugar beet seeds.

Additionally, we offer our technical grade products to companies making own formulations based on our technical material. Thiram, either solo or in combination with other active ingredients, can also be used for cereals, vegetables, oil seed rape, sunflowers, soybeans, and more.


Eastman is serious about safety and is committed to providing information and trainings on the correct, safe application of their seed treatment products in addition to the standard application and safety information found on labels and technical data sheets.

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Flowsan FS 
Flowsan FS is a new seed-treatment formulation specifically designed for the dressing of maize seeds. It is adapted to the newest industrial technologies as well as to farm scale processes

Thiram P 
Thiram P (Thiram technical Phyto) is a fast-wetting phyto grade product for use in pesticide formulations.

Product availability by region: Asia Pacific | North America

Ziram P 
Ziram P (Ziram Technical Phyto), is a fast-wetting phyto grade for use in plant protection product formulation.

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