Eyeglass, reading, and sunglass frames

Eastman has vast experience with extrusion, block, and injection molding of eyewear products and offers polymers with balanced mechanical properties to provide individual advantages for specific design and price-point needs.

Eastman sustainable alternative materials for eyewear — Acetate Renew, Tritan™ Renew copolyester, and Tenite™ Renew cellulosics — are born out of molecular recycling technology that uses hard to recycle waste plastic as a feedstock and breaks it​ down at the molecular level. As a result, it helps divert waste from landfills, incinerators, and the environment while reducing GHG emissions.

These sustainable materials are indistinguishable from their heritage counterparts with no need to alter production processes, offering the same performance and aesthetic properties for an unchanged consumer experience that is better for the environment.

Side view of tortoise shell glasses with blue accents.

Eastman Acetate Renew

  • Ideal for premium and luxury sunwear and prescription frames
  • 40% certified recycled content*
  • 60% biobased content
  • 50% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional acetate
  • Unparalleled aesthetic and wearer comfort
  • Suitable for all sheet production methods

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Eastman Tritan™ Renew copolyester

  • Ideal for fashion sunwear and reader frames and lenses
  • 50% recycled content*
  • Superior wearer comfort compared to typical injection-molded plastics
  • Suitable for injection molding

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Side view of tortoise shell sunglasses with pink-tinted lenses.
Clear frame glasses.

Eastman Tenite™ Renew propionates

  • Ideal for prescription, sunglass, and reading frames (rim, temples, and temples ending)
  • Minimum 20% recycled content*
  • Minimum 36% biobased content
  • Combine the premium feel of acetate with the convenience of injection molding
  • Suitable for extrusion and injection molding

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*Via mass balance allocation

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