Face and eye protection for fabricators

Extruded solutions

Eastman Tritan™ copolyester creates excellent sheet that adds value for processors, fabricators, and end users. Spartech, a leading extruder of innovative sheet and roll-stock solutions, now offers ULTRATUF™ FS sheet in gauges up to 70 mil (typical tolerance up to +/10%).

You can rely on an industry leader for technical support and the peace of mind that is so important in the face and eye protection value chain.

Processability advantages

  • Spartech ULTRATUF FS sheet is easier to fabricate than PC. It requires less shear-strength force to die cut.
  • It is lower density than PC, allowing more product per unit of resin.
  • Saves energy and time—Eastman Tritan™ copolyester thermoforms at a lower temperature than PC and doesn’t require drying before thermoforming.
  • ULTRATUF FS sheet can be:
    • Laser cut
    • Routed
    • Welded
    • Drilled
    • Die punched
    • Bent hot or cold
    • Joined by screws, rivets, or bolts
  • Edges can be polished with commercial edge-finishing equipment, sanding, solvents, flame polishing, or buffing.

  • Can be coated to provide antifog and antiscratch performance

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