​Face and eye protection for molders

Molded and extruded solutions

For molders of clear, optical grade face and eye protection products, Tenite™ cellulose acetate propionate (CAP) and Eastman Tritan™ copolyester provide high-impact alternatives to PC. Both also provide excellent chemical resistance and offer processability and secondary processing advantages over both PC and heritage copolyesters, including PETG.

Processability advantages—Tenite™ CAP

Molders can use Tenite™ CAP to optimize injection molding efficiency, compared with PC and other polymers.

  • Superior flow characteristics allow molding shields with thin walls (1 mm thickness) and long flow lengths.
  • CAP maintains excellent clarity and optical properties while meeting the ANSI 87.1+ standard for eye protection.
  • Eastman offers CAP in a number of different formulas and flows to meet special molding conditions and finished product requirements.
  • The advantages of CAP can reduce material usage, cycle time, and cost for molders while improving wearer comfort.

Processability advantages—Eastman Tritan™ copolyester

  • Parts can be molded from Tritan with less residual stress than with PC, so there is less risk of cracking, crazing, or failure—without annealing.
  • Molded parts do not exhibit the stress whitening that can occur with polymers like impact-modified acrylic, acrylonitrile, and PVC.
  • Molded parts do not exhibit many of the aberrations common with some polymers, helping to ensure better, more durable visual clarity.
  • Excellent toughness and chemical resistance allow parts to withstand assembly stress and strains, including:
    • Solvent and adhesive bonding
    • Ultrasonic and laser welding
    • Cold swaging
    • Hot or cold bending
    • Fastening with screws, rivets, and bolts
    • Die punching and drilling without significant microcracking (Contact Eastman for drilling recommendations.)
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