A unique vision for face and eye protection

Forward-looking manufacturers in today’s safety shield market demand a total-solutions perspective and total-capability experience from material providers.

Eastman combines its technical expertise and leadership with materials that offer unmatched technical attributes for fabricators and molders, including:

Attribute/benefit Tenite
cellulose acetate
Tenite cellulose
acetate propionate (CAP)
Eastman Tritan
Impact strengthGoodGoodExcellent
Chemical resistanceExcellentExcellentVery good
Optical clarityExcellentVery goodVery good
Heat resistanceGoodVery goodVery good
Scratch resistanceExcellentVery goodGood
Flowability Good Excellent Good
Extrusion processabilityExcellentGoodVery good
Edges can be polished
Use with antifog and antiscratch coatings
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