Copolyesters in eyewear

Eastman Tritan™ copolyester

Tritan has replaced polycarbonate in many markets—including housewares and small appliances—because of its unique balance of properties. Tritan combines outstanding clarity, toughness, design flexibility, ease of tinting, processability, and the benefits of being made without bisphenol A (BPA). The same properties make Tritan a cost-effective solution for a variety of ophthalmic applications, including frames, lenses, sunglasses, reading glasses, and eye and face protection.

  • Tritan is an economical choice for precision injection molding and offers predictable tintability to ensure reliable color consistency.
  • It is well suited to new painting technologies to ensure vivid, long-lasting color effects.
  • Superior clarity and optics make Tritan an ideal choice for durable, shatter-resistant applications.
  • Tritan offers excellent chemical resistance to withstand exposure to cosmetics, skin oils, and cleaners.
  • Tritan is tough, even under occasional impact and abrasion.
  • It improves wearer comfort with balanced mechanical properties.
  • Tritan’s excellent colorability and water clarity create vivid, glossy colors.

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