Look into our entire portfolio of polymers for eyewear.

The broad material technology Eastman has acquired over 80 years in the eyewear industry leads to many technology options. Eastman’s portfolio offers a multitude of properties and a unique ability to tune both the polymer and formulation level to achieve required fitness for use (FFU), including:

  • Modulus
  • Transparency 
  • Impact resistance
  • Melt flow (processability)
  • Glass transition temperature
  • UV blocking
  • Refractive index


Eastman is the world leader in copolyester technology and is prepared to help customers select the best material and formulation for specific injection molding or extrusion applications. More ...

Cellulose technology

Since 1929, Eastman has been a leader in cellulosics. Eastman's cellulose ester plastics are tough and transparent and can be customized to meet a variety of application needs in the eyewear industry. More ...

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