Janitorial cleaners

Eastman has a broad portfolio of oxygenated solvents that provide excellent performance in a variety of cleaning applications. Eastman’s extensive product line features solvents that are readily biodegradable, non-HAP, VOC exempt, meet LVP-VOC requirements, and have excellent coupling efficiency for binding and dissolving soils for removal.

Eastman Omnia™ high-performance solvent has a unique cleaning chemistry that offers an exceptional combination of performance, safety, and value. Effective in a variety of light- and heavy-duty cleaners formulated at a neutral pH, Omnia removes a wide range of soils—from greasy dirt and tar to soap scum.

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR), Part 59National VOC Emission Standards for Consumer Products (EPA)

Industrial cleaners

Eastman has a full range of solvents that can be evaluated in cleaning operations in pure or blended formulations. These solvents offer effective cleaning performance, whether applied from aerosol cans, solvent dip tanks, or saturated wipes, for a wide range of industrial segments. More ...

Institutional cleaners

Hard surface cleaners—used in kitchens, in bathrooms, and on other surfaces—contain coupling solvents that are miscible in water and aid in removal of oily particles from the contaminated surface. The task of cleaning is made easier because the solvent encapsulates the oily particles, making them easier to lift from the soiled surface. More ...

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