Chemical synonyms:

   Methyl Acetate

Product description

Eastman™ Methyl Acetate, High Purity is a fast evaporating, mild odor, active solvent that is used with a broad range of coating and ink resins. It is similar in performance to the regular grade of methyl acetate supplied by Eastman. However, Eastman™ Methyl Acetate, High Purity is a urethane grade (low water and alcohol content) solvent, making it useful in moisture sensitive paints such as 2-K polyurethane coatings. Because of its fast evaporation rate, this solvent is suitable for use in other applications where fast solvent release and quick dry-to-touch time are needed. Methyl acetate is exempt from regulation as a VOC under Federal law [40 CFR 51.100(s)]. It is a non-HAP, non-ODS, readily biodegradable solvent that can be used in blends to develop environmentally friendly cleaners.


  • Adhesives/sealants-B&C
  • Aerosol coatings
  • Architectural coatings
  • Artifical sweetener
  • Auto OEM
  • Auto refinish
  • Automotive
  • Building & construction hotmelts
  • Commerical printing inks
  • Construction chemicals
  • General industrial coatings
  • Graphic arts
  • Intermediates
  • Marine
  • Paints & coatings
  • Personal care ingredients
  • Pharmaceutical chemicals
  • Process additives
  • Process solvents
  • Protective coatings
  • Sporting equipment
  • Wood coatings

Key attributes

  • Excellent solvent activity
  • Fast evaporation rate
  • High electrical resistance
  • Low MIR value
  • Low odor
  • Non-HAP
  • Non-SARA
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Urethane grade
  • VOC exempt

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