Chemical synonyms:

   Thiram, TMTD, tetramethylthiuram disulfide

Product description

Flowsan™ FS is a red flowable concentrate for seed treatment.

Flowsan FS is a new seed-treatment formulation specifically designed for the dressing of maize seeds. It is adapted to the newest industrial technologies as well as to farm scale processes.

  • Spectrum of actions
    Flowsan FS provides an overall sanitization of the seeds but also of the surrounding soil. It protects the emerging seeds from seed decay and damping-off caused by soil borne fungi and fungi present onto the seed at the time of sowing. Flowsan FS protect the seeds and the emerging seeds from primary infections caused by Pythium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia as well as secondary infections caused by non specific pathogens like Botrytis, Rhizopus, Alternaria.

  • Repellency
    As a strong bird and rodent repellent, Flowsan FS prevents the seeds and the newly sown crops from being eaten by predators like crows, pheasants, mice.

  • Selectivity
    Not being phytotoxic, Flowsan FS can be safely applied to valuable seeds. The active ingredient is being used for a long time on all kind of seeds, including the high added value new hybrids.

  • Phytotonicity
    A noticeable phytotonic effect is often observed with the seeds treated with Flowsan FS. It enhances germination rates and promotes initial growth, thus limiting the sensibility of the seedlings to the diseases.

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