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Choline Chloride 78 Feed is only available in Europe.

Choline is customary classified as a vitamin. It belongs to the family of water soluble B-vitamins. It was formerly known as the vitamin B4.

Like other vitamins, it plays a significant role in nutrition, but its daily requirement seems to be hundreds of times greater than that of other vitamins.

Choline has three essential metabolic functions:

  • As a constituent of lecithin, it is important for the construction of the cellular membrane and for the transport of lipids from the liver – thus preventing fat accumulation in that organ.
  • As a precursor in the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, interacting in muscle control.
  • As a source of labile methyl groups, which are essential for numerous biological processes and therefore an important factor for healthy growth.

In the compound feed sector, choline is generally added as the hydrochloric acid salt choline chloride. It is widely incorporated in feed for poultry, pigs, crustaceans, fish and calves, as well as being an essential additive to pet food.

Choline chloride is produced synthetically from trimethylamine, manufactured in-house by Eastman. The complete production process is operated under strict conditions compliant with ISO 9000 and HACCP certification. Addition levels vary by species, but also depend on age, feed composition, environmental stress, and breed. Because the choline content in natural feed ingredients can largely vary, we recommended to supplement choline chloride with additional safety margins in order to guarantee a sufficient supply of choline as required by the animal.

Choline Chloride is available in other liquid forms:

  • Eastman™ Choline Chloride 75% also known as Taminizer™ CL

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