Product description

Eastman Tetrashield protective resin MP2101 is a high-performance polyester resin suitable for BPA non-intent (BPA-NI) coatings for metal packaging. With improved retort resistance and broad chemical resistance, formulations featuring Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin systems can achieve superior performance results in interior food contact metal packaging applications. Tetrashield MP2101 resin can also be used in ends, caps and closures, and general line cans to improve coating performance in these demanding applications as well as to formulate high solids coatings.


  • Food can coatings external coatings
  • Food can coatings internal
  • Packaging can coatings external-NFC
  • Packaging can coatings internal-NFC
  • Packaging coatings non food contact
  • Packaging components non food contact
  • Pkg comp - fc

    Key attributes

    • Chemical resistance
    • Hardness
    • High flexibility
    • Retort/blush resistance
    • Toughness

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      Product availability

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