Chemical synonyms:

   INCI: retinyl sunflowerseedate

Product description

Eastman GEM™ retinyl sunflowerate is a pro-retinol derivative composed of retinol and sunflower fatty acids. It is a biobased, formulation-stable, easy-to-handle, nonirritating antiaging ingredient. Retinyl sunflowerate is manufactured using Eastman’s EPA award–winning GEM technology, which applies the 12 Design Principles of Green Chemistry. At room temperature, it is a pourable liquid and supplied as a high-purity (>95%) assay; therefore, it is free of carriers. Eastman GEM retinyl sunflowerate is made from sunflower seed oil that contains >70% unsaturated fatty acids.


  • Cosmetic ingredients - lips
  • Cosmetic ingredients eyes & face
  • Skin care ingredients

    Key attributes

    • High purity anti-aging active
    • Liquid form without added solvents, oils or diluents
    • No added ingredients and no preservatives
    • Prepared using GEM™ technology, which significantly reduces energy, CO2 emissions, waste, and water usage

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      • Asia Pacific
      • Europe, Middle East, & Africa

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