Report a Concern

The Eastman Business Conduct Helpline and Website are confidential ways for employees and others to ask questions about Eastman policies as well as seek guidance or report concerns that may involve illegal activity or any other violations of the Company's Code of Business Conduct. The Helpline is staffed by non-Eastman communications specialists employed by a nationally recognized service provider. Where permitted by law, these concerns may be made anonymously.

Eastman Business Conduct Helpline and Website (reports can be made anonymously where permitted by law)

  • Toll-free reporting from the United States and Canada: BUSINESS CONDUCT HELPLINE 1-800-455-5622.
  • Toll-free reporting from international locations: Dial the AT&T access code; then at the prompt dial: 800-455-5622.
  • WEBSITE ACCESS: www.eastman.ethicspoint.com

Concerns may be also be reported to Eastman
(not anonymous):

Phone: 423-229-5552 (collect) or
Email: compliance@eastman.com

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