Benefits of Catalyst Stability and Catalyst Health

Plants are designed to be in production and operate with a high degree of reliability. To accomplish the high onstream rate, a catalyst that has a high degree of stability is vital. Eastman’s oxo rhodium catalyst technology is such that it does not require a reactor shutdown for catalyst changeout nor does the oxo catalyst require continuous treatment to maintain its health. Eastman integrates its technology and engineering knowledge with its manufacturing experience to yield a plant design and operation that meets the licensee’s requirements.


Eastman scientists and engineers have studied and developed an understanding of catalyst deactivation. Procedures have been created for controlling the health of the catalyst without reactor shutdowns. These strategies ensure the long-term productivity of the catalyst and allow for a high onstream factor. Very close attention is devoted to establishing raw material specifications to minimize rhodium and ligand poisons entering the process. Target reactor operating conditions are properly set, and tight process control is maintained. Eastman’s oxo technology provides benefits that may lower capital investment and manufacturing and maintenance cost and provide a higher onstream factor.

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