Oxo technology licensing

Eastman is actively promoting the licensing of our Oxo Rhodium BISBI catalyzed process, which yields a ratio of n-butyraldehyde to isobutyraldehyde > 25/1 (or > 96% n-butyraldehyde). Eastman’s standard offering is a license of the Oxo BISBI process as well as our proprietary i/n-butanol and 2-ethylhexanol technologies.


Licensees can see benefits of our technology, including excellent onstream time, catalyst and process stability, ease and safety of operation, low maintenance cost, etc., while maintaining very high raw material yields.


As a producer of more than 25 derivatives from our oxo aldehyde streams, we provide a competitive advantage with more downstream versatility and business opportunities both as a potential strategic partner and as a process technology licensor.


Plants are designed to be in production and operate with a high degree of reliability. To accomplish the high onstream rate, a catalyst that has a high degree of stability is vital. Eastman’s oxo rhodium catalyst technology is such that it does not require a reactor shutdown for catalyst changeout.


Eastman possesses technology, manufacturing, and marketing expertise in oxo chemicals that spans more than 60 years.

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