Eastman's Oxo Product Portfolio

Eastman has a vast derivative slate produced from oxo aldehydes as shown in the following table. These derivatives are produced commercially utilizing Eastman technologies. Not shown are further downstream derivatives that Eastman produces. More than 25 derivative products are manufactured from our oxo aldehydes production.

Eastman Oxo product derivatives end uses:

Normal butyraldehyde derivatives
2-EthylhexanolPlasticizers, acrylics, surfactants, fuel additives, esters
2-EthylhexaldehydePlasticizers, acrylics/esters/acids, drug synthesis, fuel additives, surfactants
2-Ethylhexanoic acidPlasticizers, drying agents, inks, pharmaceutical intermediates
n-ButanolSolvents, acetates, coatings, resins, plasticizers, agriculture chemicals, oil additives
n-Butyric acidSolvents, livestock feed additives, pharmaceutical intermediates
Glycol butyl ethersSolvents, coatings, inks, oil additives
Acetate ester solventsSolvents, coatings, inks
Isobutyraldehyde derivatives
IsobutanolPolyester/acrylic resins, lube oil/fuel additives, coatings, solvents
Isobutyl isobutyrateSolvent, coatings
Eastman Texanol™ ester alcoholPaint coalescing agent, coatings, plasticizers
Eastman TXIB™Plasticizers, inks, pigments, water-based adhesives, sealants
Eastman TMPD™ glycolCoatings, resins, plasticizers, polymer intermediate
Eastman NPG™ glycolIndustrial coatings, resins, polymeric plasticizers, lubricant additive
Isobutyric acidAgriculture chemicals, polymer intermediate
Acetate ester solventsSolvents, coatings
Propionaldehyde derivatives
n-PropanolAmines, coatings, inks, solvents
Propionic acidPreservatives, pharmaceuticals
Glycol propyl ethersSolvents, inks
n-Propyl acetateSolvents, inks
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