Performance Chemicals

Eastman’s extensive acetyl product line is a perfect example of the company’s accomplishments in technical innovation. As one of the global leaders in producing acetyl chemicals, acetic acid, acetic anhydride, and cellulose esters, Eastman operates the world’s only coal gasification and carbonylation technology used to make methanol, methyl acetate, and acetic anhydride. The company also manufactures several other acetyl derivatives downstream from this main product line. The process to make such a wide variety of products from coal is so unique to the industry that it has been designated a national historic landmark by the American Chemical Society. Eastman commercially practices unique oxo aldehyde technology for manufacturing both normal and isobutyraldehyde, as well as several oxo alcohol derivatives. Butanol, 2-ethyl hexanol, Eastman TXIB™, and Eastman Texanol™ ester alcohol make up the product line.

   • Acetyl Products
   • Custom-Manufactured Organic Chemicals
   • Additives for Fibers
   • Food and Beverage Ingredients
   • Photographic Chemicals
   • Optical Brighteners
   • Agrochemical Intermediates
   • Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
   • Pharmaceutical Intermediates
   • Oxo Chemicals
   • Plasticizers
   • Resin Intermediates
   • Olefins
   • Diketene Derivatives
   • Specialty Ketones
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