Specialty Plastics

Eastman has the proprietary technology to manufacture the broadest copolyester product line in the industry. Eastman’s related technology can provide high-performance polymers to meet the special needs of high-value applications. Features like mold release, UV inhibitors, impact modifiers, glass-fiber enhancement, or antistat. Some of these products have flame retardants and UL, UST, FDA, or ISU compliance. They can also be made in a virtually unlimited array of colors. In addition, Eastman brings forth global recognition through its unique brands and trademarks. This brand equity is only matched by the extensive intellectual capital and experience brought forth by the Eastman people associated with this technology portfolio.

   • Copolymers
   • Copolyesters
   • Cellulosics
   • Crystalline Polymers
   • Polyolefin Concentrates

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