Heat Mirror® IG
Heat Mirror® IG

True Design Freedom—with Glass that Insulates like a Wall

Heat Mirror insulating glass contains one or more clear, low-emissivity films suspended within the sealed airspace of an IG unitWith thermal insulation approaching that of the surrounding walls, Heat Mirror® multi-cavity insulating glass (IG) units enable architects and engineers to design curtain wall, storefront and operable window systems that meet the most stringent requirements for energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Heat Mirror insulating glass contains one or more clear, low-emissivity films suspended within the sealed airspace of a dual-pane IG unit to create up to four super insulating cavities that buffer against heat loss or heat gain. By combining with high-performance low-emissivity glass and argon or krypton gas fill, Heat Mirror IG can be used to tune envelop performance by either maximizing or minimizing solar heat gain while optimizing daylighting and views. In fact, Heat Mirror IG helps to reduce energy costs with center-of-glass U-value as low as 0.05 that maintains a warm glass surface temperature for a comfortable internal environment year round.

Higher performance, Lighter Weight & Lower Environmental Impact than Triple Pane

Heat Mirror IG weighs up to 33% less than comparably sized triple pane IG, eliminating the need for expensive, reinforced framing systems or additional installation labor which makes it an ideal drop-in solution for standard framing systems designed for dual-pane IG. Also, a comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis completed by Eastman shows that replacing the third lite of glass with film enables Heat Mirror IG to consume 30% less energy Cradle-to-Gate than triple pane IG.*

And because film is practically weightless, multiple films can be used to reach a new level of insulating performance needed for the latest Passive House, Net Zero Energy and LEED Platinum/Gold-rated designs.

U-value Performance Comparison (6mm glass) 

Performance comparison configuration detail:
Heat Mirror IG = VE12M / HM88f (x1/x2) / Clear; Triple-pane IG = VE12M / VE185 / Clear; Dual-pane IG = VE12M / Clear
Gas fill: Argon 90%; Krypton 90%;
Performance data calculated using WINDOW 6.3 software using standard NFRC environmental conditions. *Pending third-party review

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