Eastman TamiSolve NxG dipolar aprotic solvent

Eastman TamiSolve™ NxG dipolar aprotic solvent is a next-generation, high performing solvent. TamiSolve works well in a variety of different applications thanks to its excellent solvency power and water miscibility. It is a safer alternative to commonly used dipolar aprotic solvents like NMP (N-methylpyrrolidone), DMAc (dimethylacetamide), DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide), DMF (dimethylformamide), and acetonitrile, some of which face increasing regulatory pressure.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent performance in various applications
  • Excellent NMP and NEP replacement
  • Favorable safety, health, and environmental profile

Polyurethane dispersion (PUD) coating

TamiSolve NxG is a high performance, safer cosolvent for water-based polyurethanes. Effective as both a solvent and coalescent for the PUD market, TamiSolve NxG can also be an effective NMP replacement. It can provide not only formulation flexibility but also a favorable safety, health, and environmental profile.

Cleaners and paint strippers

When employed in cleaners and paint strippers, TamiSolve NxG has demonstrated to be an effective NMP replacement. The high solvency power can enhance performance of industrial cleaning formulations. TamiSolve NxG can be used for cleaning molds or tools related to polyurethane foam, polymer, polyester, or epoxy resins. The lower volatility of TamiSolve NxG is beneficial for reduced worker and environmental exposure.

Pharmaceutical synthesis

TamiSolve NxG-PS can be considered for use as a medium to carry out various chemical reactions, such as the production of pharmaceuticals. In such applications, it can be a replacement for solvents like NMP, NEP, DMF, and DMAc.