Protecting Product and Environment — Eastman Recy-Pack™
Eastman Recy-Pack™ acetate yarn packing system
Quality packing and shipping

All customers want to have Eastman™ acetate yarn arrive in pristine condition in packaging that respects and protects the enviornment. Eastman's state-of-the-art Recy-Pack™ acetate yarn packing system ensures that both of these important goals are achieved. Two computer controlled robots pack our yarn, reducing and even eliminating the possibility of handling and shipping damage. Sturdy Recy-Pack™ yarn pack trays provide ultimate yarn protection during shipping, guaranteeing the yarn arrives in perfect condition.

Environmentally responsible packaging with no waste and no added disposal costs
Tray packs are reusable and there is no waste packaging – a win-win situation for you and the environment.

The use of Eastman Estron™ yarns packed in the Eastman Recy-Pack™ acetate yarn pack system helps the environment by diverting 12 kg (27b) per case of cardboard packaging material from your local landfill.

The Eastman Recy-Pack™ trays, which have a virtually unlimited life cycle, are cleaned and reassembled at Opportunities Unlimited and then returned to Eastman for reuse.

Our Commitment
We continually renew our commitment to be responsible corporate citizens and to protect the environment. We are committed to a cleaner planet.

 Eastman Estron™

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