Eastman employee resource groups - diverse team members

Employee Resource Groups

Realizing the full potential of our diverse workforce

Eastman Resource Groups help build awareness and understanding of the value and unique qualities of diverse team member populations. They are vital to achieving our I&D strategic pillars and creating an inclusive culture. They also help Eastman’s underrepresented workforce grow professionally, network with colleagues and maximize their business contributions. 

Our ERGs

Apex ERG asian and pacific island community
Equality ERG LGBTQ+ community
Catalysts ERG community of women
EVETS ERG community of troops and veterans
Connect ERG african american and black community
Mosaic ERG latino and hispanic community

Hear from ERG team members

"ERGs are open to everybody. 

Mosaic isn’t just for Hispanics or Latinos and Catalyst isn’t just for women. Anyone can be a part. You come. You listen, and you learn about your team members. You learn about different perspectives. The next time you're working with someone, you might have a better understanding of where they’re coming from and why they make the decisions they do."

Edgar Trejo, Mosaic ERG, Texas

Edgar Trejo, Mosaic ERG, Texas
Tanya Foreman, Connect ERG, Tennessee

"It is important for everyone to feel included at Eastman.

I’ve seen some positive changes during my 32 years at Eastman, but we have more work to do. I lead the Connect Black/African American ERG, and our mission is to lead Eastman to advocate for better cultural awareness and promote the well-being and success of our Black team members. I believe in this company and its commitment to inclusion and diversity and am excited to be part of the change we continue to see.” 

Tanya Foreman, Connect ERG, Tennessee

"I was out when I joined the company nine years ago,

and I've stayed because I have felt welcome and have seen an increasing level of support for the LGBTQ+ community. Simply put, Eastman's executive team values outcomes and abilities, not the mold you fit. We need to continually evolve and bring out the best in every team member—or we will be left behind."

Whitney Holt, Equality ERG, Tennessee

Whitney Holt, Equality ERG, Tennessee
Ylona van Hemert, Catalyst ERG, Netherlands

"Equality, balance, diversity and inclusion

were emphasized during the third edition of the Women in Leadership training at Erasmus University Rotterdam last year. It showed there are still many unknowns and unconscious biases out there. As a result, my passion and commitment to create an equal, diverse and inclusive workplace increased dramatically, which I didn't realize was possible."

Ylona van Hemert, Catalyst ERG, The Netherlands

"EVETS can provide insights into what

our veteran population can bring to the company. We must create an environment where everyone can contribute to their fullest potential and unique expertise and insights can be leveraged. Veterans can play a critical role in helping us get there. Through translating skills obtained in the military, we can fill additional roles within the company with previously unrecognized talent."

Brandon Horne, EVETS ERG, Tennessee

Brandon Horne, EVETS ERG, Tennessee
Jerico Uy, APEX ERG, Belgium

"APEX helps me understand how biases and barriers 

 can impact the growth of Asian and Pacific Islander team members. Building an environment of true inclusivity and opportunity is not easy. I am proud to work with team members and leaders around the world to drive change. I have seen first-hand how incredible a team performs when people from different functions, backgrounds and cultures come together!"

Jerico Uy, APEX ERG, Belgium