River studies

On a regular basis since the 1960s, Eastman has commissioned the world-renowned, Philadelphia-based Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University to study the rivers upstream and downstream of our major United States manufacturing sites to ensure that our operations are not negatively impacting the environment. Two of the most extensive of these river studies are focused around the Kingsport, Tennessee, and Longview, Texas, sites.

The Academy of Natural Sciences, recognized as a pioneer in the assessment of the health of lakes, rivers and bays throughout the United States, performed its seventh study on the Holston River near our Kingsport site in July 2010. The study documented the river’s water quality and the abundance and diversity of aquatic plants and animals to compare the results to previous studies.

Eastman has used the findings at Kingsport’s Riverfront Park to illustrate the improvements in the Holston River over the course of the studies. The studies show major improvement in the numbers and types of aquatic insects, macroinvertebrates (such as crayfish, snails and worms), and fish found in the river at Riverfront Park. The 2010 study found 47 species of fish and 39 species of macroinvertebrates in the South Fork Holston River, compared to 46 and 34, respectively, in 1997.

Sabine River
At our Texas operations facility, we partner with the Academy of Natural Sciences to periodically conduct studies of the aquatic environment in the Sabine River, both upstream and downstream of our facility. Components of these extensive studies include testing the environmental chemistry of the river and the existence of attached algae and aquatic plants, macroinvertebrates and fish. Since 1982, we have found that due to Eastman’s wastewater treatment and water conservation practices, our operations have had no adverse effects on the Sabine River.

 2010 South Fork Holston River - Environmental Monitoring Studies
 2010 South Fork Holston River - Environmental Monitoring Studies Technical Report
 Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University
 2015 Sabine River – Environmental Monitoring Studies

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