Life cycle assessment (LCA)

Eastman continuously strives to enhance the sustainability of our products and manufacturing processes. Eastman uses life cycle assessment (LCA) to analyze the potential environmental impacts of our products throughout their life cycles and the value chain — from raw material and resource extraction to manufacture, and, when possible, downstream retail and distribution, consumer use, and end of life. 

The beginning of the analysis of our products is looking at emissions upstream and downstream of our production. We appreciate that we can make a bigger difference when we rely on collaboration and transparency all along the value chain. 

LCA highlight

Consistent with Eastman's holistic sustainability strategy, the LCA team has evaluated programs being implemented in 2020 and beyond related to the circular economy. The studies have shown that in terms of carbon footprint, Eastman's carbon renewal technology is 20%-50% advantaged over conventional production of syngas in Kingsport and that polyester renewal technology is 20%-30% advantaged for production of monomers compared to conventional production. 

LCA plays an active role in helping Eastman navigate a transition to a more circular economy while furthering our commitment to lower greenhouse gas emissions across our operations.

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