Decarbonization strategy

Energy efficiency

Eastman's climate progress today leans heavily on energy efficiency; we are renowned for our energy efficiency program and  have received multiple ENERGY STAR® awards.

Process transformation

We are helping lead the world into a new age of plastics recycling with molecular recycling technologies that produce new materials at a substantially reduced carbon footprint. By using waste plastic as feedstock, molecular recycling leaves fossil feedstocks in the ground and produces virgin-quality intermediates with recycled content for plastic production, with 20%-50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than heritage processes. We will continue to identify and pursue additional enhancements to our manufacturing processes.

Renewable energy

We are working to bring more renewable energy to Eastman, and we are committed to 100% of our purchased electricity in North America and Europe coming from renewable sources by 2030.

Alternative technologies

We are exploring alternative energy technologies that have the potential to accelerate our progress toward decarbonization. Our project team is studying uses of clean hydrogen; carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS); and other emerging innovations.

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