Scope 3 focus

Upstream/downstream impact

We have a cross-functional steering team focused on driving results on Scope 3 upstream and downstream impacts. This steering team is championed by Julie McAlindon, senior vice president, supply chain, regions and transformation.


Eastman is a member of Together for Sustainability (TfS), a procurement-led initiative focused on increasing sustainability of the chemical industry supply chain. As a member, we request suppliers complete the TfS-endorsed EcoVadis sustainability assessment which has four elements, including an environmental element that incorporates questions and scoring related to the supplier’s climate impact. Eastman is actively participating in a TfS work stream focused on developing and launching a standard guideline for consistent product carbon footprints across chemical supply chains. This standard will provide the visibility needed to drive specific improvements in Scope 3 emissions.


Eastman has engaged external expertise to consult with us on deepening the understanding of our downstream Scope 3 emissions. Reducing emissions that are directly in our control is the priority. Meanwhile, we’re working with key customers and collaborating to identify opportunities to reduce product footprints. As product circularity is a key pillar of our climate strategy, we are actively identifying opportunities, like molecular recycling, where possible. Eastman is also focused on scaling the efficiency of our downstream transportation.

Product Lifecycle Assessments

Eastman uses life cycle assessment (LCA) to analyze the potential cradle-to-gate environmental impacts of our products and the implied impact along the value chain. To expand this capability, Eastman established a curriculum that trained approximately 200 process improvement engineers in the LCA methodology in 2021. This program is ongoing and will be incorporated into the onboarding for new hires in such roles. We are excited for this cohort to take the next level of training that is being developed, allowing engineers to take a systems approach in how we manufacture innovative materials with reduced footprints. 

Eastman is at the beginning of our Scope 3 journey, and we acknowledge that there is much more work to do.
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