​Environmental stewardship

At Eastman, we continuously strive to protect the environment in the communities where we operate, as well as through understanding the environmental impact of our products. As a manufacturer of chemicals since 1920 and a Responsible Care® company for more than 25 years, we have comprehensive guidelines and processes in place for reducing energy usage and minimizing our environmental footprint.

Eastman’s global environmental affairs team leads the charge for Eastman’s environmental focus. Through their work each day, Eastman maintains operations and provides expertise and insight across the value chain. Guided by Eastman’s environmental policy, the global environmental affairs team delivers compliance and insight to maintain sustainable operations and continually make improvements to Eastman’s products and processes. The expertise of this global team enables Eastman to be a responsible environmental steward while minimizing the company’s footprint and conserving natural resources in a cost-effective manner. This team works tirelessly to understand and comply with an increasingly complex web of applicable environmental laws, regulations and policies. It also works to understand and proactively manage emerging issues, which allows Eastman’s businesses to focus on growth and innovation.

Not only does this deliver productivity gains for our business, it contributes to our regulatory compliance and reduces our environmental footprint. We have set clear, measurable targets for energy intensity, greenhouse gas emissions and water conservation. We also focus our efforts to reduce waste, enable a sustainable supply chain and continually understand the impact of our products on the environment through life cycle assessments. This is an ongoing effort. As our company continues to grow, we have more opportunity for improvements.

The men and women of Eastman take environmental stewardship to heart. We understand that maintaining safe, sustainable operations not only impacts our company but our communities, the environment and our collective future. We also value the importance of collaboration to drive change, both internally with our businesses and functions as well as externally with academia, environmental agencies and organizations, customers and our communities. ​

Greenhouse gas and other emissions

While the nature of our business and manufacturing processes requires large amounts of energy, we remain committed to implementing innovative solutions to maximize our energy efficiency and reduce our emissions. 

Energy management

Energy efficiency is a critical component of our sustainability strategy, which is why we work tirelessly to develop innovative approaches to natural resource management. Read more​

Water management

The industrial processes we have in place help minimize our water usage by treating it to meet specific purposes in the manufacturing cycle and recycling water whenever possible. ​ Read more

Life cycle assessment

Eastman uses a life cycle assessment (LCA) to analyze the potential environmental impacts of our products throughout their life cycles and the value chain — from raw material extraction to manufacture and, when possible, downstream retail and distribution, consumer use and end of life. Read more

Waste reduction

In keeping with Eastman’s circular economy efforts, waste management at Eastman begins in order of preference with source reduction and reuse, recycling, energy recovery and the last option, treatment and disposal. The global audit team, with the assistance of internal and external environmental experts, routinely audits Eastman’s third-party service providers (recycling facilities, energy recovery facilities, solid and hazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities, etc.) to ensure they are managing Eastman’s materials in an appropriate, responsible manner and in accordance with regulatory requirements. Read more


As a responsible local neighbor and a global company committed to sustainability, Eastman is committed to conserve and protect natural resources, including wildlife habitats. ​Read more

HSES audits​

Audits of our HSES Management System is a key tool in a Zero-Incident Mindset culture. Eastman's approach to assessing our HSES Management System is a tiered approach and begins with employee responsibility to comply with company policies and procedures. ​Read more

​​Environmental stewardship policy 

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