Together for Sustainability

Together for Sustainability 

Eastman is a member of Together for Sustainability (TfS), the Chemical Initiative for Sustainable Supply Chains. As part of this initiative, Eastman has begun assessing our supply base using the TfS assessment supplied by EcoVadis.

Eastman is a member of the Together for Sustainability Initiative (TfS), the chemical industry initiative for Sustainable Supply Chains. TfS is a member-driven initiative founded in 2011 by six major chemical companies. Membership of the cooperative has now grown to 36 members, including Eastman as the first U.S. chemical industry member. TfS develops and implements a global supplier engagement program to assess, audit and improve sustainability practices within the supply chain of the chemical industry. Under this initiative, Eastman requests suppliers to complete an Ecovadis sustainability assessment, which has four elements: Environmental, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. The Environmental element assessment includes questions about the supplier’s climate impact and provides a score which can be benchmarked. The TfS initiative also coordinates 3rd party audits of the responses to the assessments when needed. One of the guiding principles of TfS is data sharing between the members - an assessment or audit for one member is an assessment or audit for all. In 2021, TfS began a new initiative to develop a standard methodology for suppliers to calculate their individual product GHG impact so that the TfS members could then calculate their overall scope 3 emissions using a standard and so directly comparable framework. ​

The results are then shared among TfS members, with the supplier’s consent. This collaborative approach, central to TfS, increases efficiency for both suppliers and members. Eastman is measuring the success of our supplier engagement in the following four ways: (1) In 2021, Eastman increased the number of its Direct and Indirect suppliers that had a valid (< 3 years old) Ecovadis assessment from 544 suppliers (296 in 2019) to 658 suppliers. (2) In 2021, 411 suppliers (320 in 2020) completed new assessments or completed reassessments. (3) In 2021, Eastman increased the percent of continuing Direct spend that was covered by valid assessments from 63% to 69% (44% in 2019) (excluding energy, internal, supply, toll conversions and exchanges, etc.). (4) Of those suppliers who performed a reassessment in 2021, 66% achieved an improvement in their overall Ecovadis Score, which was an increase from the 55% achieved in 2020 and 52% achieved in 2019. (5) In 2021 Eastman completed its first on-site, 3rd party conducted supplier audits, using the Together for Sustainability (TfS) methodology.

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