As producers of biobased products derived from wood pulp, we at Eastman take our commitment to developing low-environmental-impact fibers seriously. As we continue to develop partnerships with brands, we hear time and time again about the increasing need for eco-conscious materials. We are thrilled to partner with environmental nonprofit Canopy to ensure excellence in our wood pulp sourcing techniques and to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to promoting sustainable forestry practices.

Canopy is a nonprofit organization that works with the forest industry’s biggest customers and their suppliers to develop business solutions that protect the world’s forests. Working with Canopy gives our customers the confidence that our sustainable product portfolio is responsibly sourced and produced, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint.

We reached out to Canopy last year to participate for the first time in its third-party verification audit, which ranks the largest global producers of viscose and cellulosic fibers on their raw material sourcing practices. The audit uses a risk-based approach and requires verifiable evidence that pulp used by Eastman for the production of cellulosic fiber meets the requirements of a robust verification framework and audit process that was developed by Canopy in partnership with third-party auditor NEPCon.

Canopy and NEPCon recently released the audit results, which highlighted Eastman’s active engagement with suppliers and reported that Eastman’s current supply chain has no direct risk of sourcing wood from ancient and endangered forests or other controversial sources. The audit also applauds our work in recycling and creating a closed loop for chemical usage as well as demonstrating a deep engagement with suppliers to identify fiber sourcing.