New solar-absorbing interlayer ensures comfort and sensor connectivity

KINGSPORT, Tennessee

To meet increasing demand for multifunctional windshield capabilities, Eastman introduces an innovative new interlayer for automotive laminated glass that pairs heads-up display (HUD) with acoustic and solar features. Saflex® Solar Connect polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer provides cabin comfort and connectivity in sensor-compatible and HUD windshields.

Saflex Solar Connect provides exceptional solar heat rejection while maintaining compatibility with infrared rain sensors and ORBIS traffic camera systems. It is also a signal-friendly interlayer, meaning it won’t interfere with the function of electronic toll sensors, mobile devices or GPS. Because it offers solar control while enabling sensor capabilities and signal transmission, Saflex Solar Connect interlayer is a more attractive option for automotive manufacturers when compared with metal-coating technologies.

While HUD technology helps maintain focus on the road, acoustic and solar functionality in the windshield can help optimize cabin comfort — from a quieter ride to lower interior temperatures. Saflex Solar Connect uses a newly designed advanced interlayer to improve sound damping, and at the same time, it reduces the transmission of the sun’s infrared (IR) radiation with minimal effect on visibility. These attributes are valuable in any vehicle but are especially helpful in electric vehicles where lightweight glazing and reduced energy consumption by the HVAC system directly translate into vehicle range improvements.

“Saflex Solar Connect brings to life the next generation of multifunctional windshields that satisfy the comfort, compatibility and informational needs of modern vehicles,” says Hemant Dandekar, global marketing and strategy director, Advanced Materials Interlayers. “As the consumer market for electric vehicles continues to grow worldwide, the acoustic and solar control attributes of Saflex Solar Connect will become increasingly important toward enabling continuous improvement in energy efficiency and vehicle range. It is a clear example of how we are committed to an innovation strategy that delivers solutions to the global challenges we all face. Sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant to our customers, and sustainability matters deeply at Eastman.”

Saflex Solar Connect interlayer is an easy-to-adopt solution for improved windshield solar performance and a drop-in replacement in lamination processes optimized for acoustic PVB. In addition to Solar Connect for windshields, Eastman also offers a full range of Saflex solar control and color interlayer options optimized for every glazing position on the vehicle. For more information on these products and Solar Connect, visit

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