Where do you find inspiration? In nature or in natural elegance? Forests or urban jungles? Gin and tonics or gym aerobics?

You don’t have to pick a side. Today, mills are creating eco-conscious materials for every environment and every possibility with Naia™ from Eastman.

After all, fashion has always been about making a statement. Our clothes don’t just reflect what we believe but what we want to believe. And today’s fashion-conscience consumers want to believe in sustainable choices.

With Eastman Naia™ cellulosic filament and staple fiber, trend makers and trendsetters alike can be comfortable with their choice in sustainable textiles. Sourced from sustainably managed forests, sustainable Naia™ cellulosic fiber transforms into luxurious, incredibly agile, astonishingly soft, and easy-to-care-for fabric with no trade-offs.

Closeup green satin patterned cloth

Green satin jacquard weave from Almodo (Turkey); 100% Naia™ filament

For example, this satin jacquard weave from Almodo is green in both color and spirit. Made completely from Naia™ cellulose acetate yarn, this unique fabric features a tonal, intricate jacquard weave with a breezy silky hand that would work well for a variety of styles—from loungewear to tailored, luxurious fashions. In other words, Naia™ cellulose-based fiber is versatile enough to be whatever the designer sees in it. Also from Almodo, an intricate, light-catching jacquard designed with sustainable Naia™ acetate yarn, cotton, and linen brings shimmer and grace to shirts, blouses, and more.

closeup beige woven jacquard cloth

Beige woven jacquard from Luthai (China); Naia™ filament blended with cotton

Closeup patterned purple satin cloth

Purple satin jacquard woven from Almodo (Turkey); Naia™ filament blended with cotton and linen

Jacquards add so much tone-on-tone elegance to apparel. For example, another green jacquard from Barutçu Tekstil sports a botanical motif and is impeccably weighted for dresses and light jackets; but it’s also substantial enough to go into tailored pants as well. Barutçu also makes a splendid crimson woven jacquard blended with Naia™, cotton, and linen for a little more weight. From Luthai Textile, a blend of Naia™ filament and cotton blend delivers luxury with an eco-friendly touch. Meanwhile, from Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Co., alternating panels of plaid and houndstooth designs crafted from Naia™ sustainable fiber and cotton is lightweight yet retains a crisp hand—perfect for tops and blouses. All of these samples not only demonstrate dimensional stability, a soft hand, and beautiful drape but also stand as striking testaments to how well Naia™ biobased fiber blends with other fabrics for quick-drying characteristics, desired stretch, and optimum weight.

Closeup green jacquard print cloth

Green jacquard woven from Barutçu (Turkey); Naia™ filament blended with cotton

Closeup crimson patterned cloth

Crimson jacquard woven, Barutçu (Turkey); Naia™ filament blended with cotton and linen

Closeup black and white jacquard print cloth

Black and white jacquard woven from Jiangsu Lianfa (China); Naia™ filament blended with cotton

As the Northern Hemisphere moves into the glow and warmth of summer, it’s time to start thinking about comfort and supersoft thin knits made from the best sustainable fabrics, such as this floral print jersey knit from Ekoten. Naia™ cellulose acetate with a skosh of elastane creates an easy drape and stretch through the weft that is perfect for go-to summer tees, tanks, dresses, and loose cardigans. Another floral print jersey knit from Italmod brings Naia™ and just a shade less elastane together to create a soft-handed fabric with the stretch and drape consumers crave in tops, cheerful dresses, wide-leg pants, and more.

Closeup floral print ekoten cloth

Floral print jersey knit from Ekoten (Turkey); 92% Naia™ filament, 8% elastane, ~160 gsm/2

Closeup floral print jersey cloth

Floral print jersey knit from Italmod (Italy); Naia™ filament blended with elastane

Also a summer classic, this smooth blue-and-white check twill from Luthai is brilliant and timeless for button-up blouses, lounge pants, fit and flared dresses, and more. Naia™ filament and lyocell lend it a soft, slightly structured drape.

closeup blue and white checkered cloth

Blue-and-white check twill woven from Luthai Textile Co. (China); Naia™ filament blended with lyocell

This medium-weight gold satin woven from Kunye Textile Co. is a deluxe natural fabric material made of breathable linen, lyocell, and cool, comfortable Naia™ to create multiple alluring silhouettes, a light sheen, and stiffer drape in both tailored and casual styles.

closeup gold satin cloth

Gold satin woven from Kunye (China); Naia™ filament blended with lyocell and linen

Looking for something more fluid? Manifatture Bianchi makes a lightweight shirting fabric made exclusively of Naia™ and silk—just the thing for a lining or underpinning to create silky smooth volume.

Closeup sage green crepe cloth

Sage crepe woven from Manifatture Bianchi (Italy); Naia™ filament blended with silk

We’ve shown a lot of light and breezy fabrics made from Naia™ blends. But the filament can also be combined with other materials to create luxuriant and lavish fabrics. For example, AA Global China combined Naia™ and nylon in a medium pile, cut-and-sew sweater knit that is as plush as it looks. For an embarrassment of luxury and comfort, Naia™ cellulosic acetate filament can be blended with the world’s finest wools, such as organic cashmere. A soft, plush sweater knit from Artwell is sustainable and perfect for casual and sumptuous sweaters.

Closeup silver sweater

Silver sweater fleece from AA Global (China); Naia™ filament blended with nylon

Closeup creme sweater

Crème sweater knit from Artwell (China); Naia™ filament blended with organic cashmere

From plush sweaters to the ethereal, Naia™ has you covered. Lale Textile Group creates silky, lightweight lace treasures in Naia™/polyester blends. Their versatile and endless lace patterns make them ideal for gossamer overlays, coverups, lace insets, or trims

Closeup red amber lace

Amber lace from Lale (Turkey); Naia™ filament blended with polyester

Closeup blue patterned lace

Blue lace from Lale (Turkey); Naia™ filament blended with polyester

As you can see from these examples of natural fabric materials, whether used alone or blended to create incredible fashion fabrics, versatile Naia™ filament can fulfill any designer vision—offering the chance to create luxurious, comfortable, and easy-care garments in everything from stunning evening wear to casual loungewear. But it’s also the best sustainable fiber choice for the fashion industry. If you envision your line in stylish biodegradable fabric, Naia™ has received the TÜV AUSTRIA ‘OK biodegradable’ certification for freshwater and soil environments and the ‘OK compost’ certification for industrial settings. With full traceability from tree to fiber, Naia™ acetate fiber is made in the U.S.A. with the highest safety, social, and environmental standards. Eastman’s closed-loop production process allows recycling and reuse of safe solvents and water, resulting in fibers with a low environmental impact.