Eastman team,

Our friends, colleagues and loved ones around the world are being subjected to increased anti-Asian violence, attitudes and behaviors. Acts of hate anddiscrimination against people of Asian heritage will continue to rise unless all of us call them out, condemn them and commit ourselves to ending them.

To our Asian team members, we know you are hurting. Please know that we at Eastman stand with you as allies. Last summer we committed tocreating a lasting change so that future generations would not know bigotry and racism. We pledge to build on that commitment with those in our Asiancommunity to better understand your experiences and increase your sense of belonging as a valued part of the Eastman team.

There is no place for hate in our society. We can create a culture where it no longer exists, but it starts with each of us examining our own behaviorsand biases. I urge each of you to get involved both at Eastman and in your communities to create the inclusive world – that better circle – that we wantfor ourselves and for our children.

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Mark Costa
Board Chair and CEO