We all hold on to things we love. The Naia™ team is adding one more thing to that list: our collaboration with H&M for its Cherish Waste collection and exhibition—experiences we’ll cherish for a long time.

Earlier this month, H&M hosted a vibrant and immersive exhibition celebrating a new world of fashion designed with circularity in mind. This unique art and fashion exhibition in New York City was created to highlight the latest in H&M’s Innovation Stories that promote using new materials, technologies, and processes. Cherish Waste featured new ways to create beautiful and compelling fashion from recycled materials and find new value in materials traditionally thought of as waste. For example, fashions made with Eastman Naia™ Renew were made possible through Eastman’s molecular recycling technology that diverts hard-to-recycle waste material from landfills and incinerators to create sustainable fibers without compromise.

The collection, among other art on display, delivered a message of love: to cherish those things you hold dear, making sure they last forever.

H&M Cherish Waste art and fashion
Images courtesy of H&M (left) and Matteo Prandoni/BFA.com (right)

The star-studded event showcased appearances from well-known fashion and sustainability influencers, including Winnie Harlow, Ella Emhoff, Barbie Ferreira, Evan Mock, Parker Kit Hill, Reign Judge, Richie Shazam, and Lauren Singer of Package Free Shop. Ella Emhoff and supermodel Winnie Harlow strutted in garments made with Naia™ Renew fibers at the VIP opening event on April 28. We were pleased to see numerous media outlets covering the event; Vogue even highlighted the Naia™ display in its article.

Influencers at the Cherish Waste Fashion Show
Young Emperors (left) carrying H&M heart-shaped bags; Winnie Harlow (center) in H&M’s printed shirt and pants; Emma Emhoff in a fitted, sleeveless bodysuit made with Naia™ (right). All items listed were made with Eastman Naia™ fibers. Photos by Eastman

“Cherish Waste is a perfect call to action for the world,“ says Ruth Farrell, general manager, Eastman Textiles. “All of us as industry players and consumers need to be part of the solution that finds new value for waste materials. At Eastman, we are passionate about circularity and are thrilled to collaborate on another H&M sustainable collection with Naia™ Renew. Together, we’re helping H&M’s customers express their love for themselves, the planet, and anyone they pass their beautiful and cherished clothes down to.”

The Naia™ team cherishes the chance to collaborate with designers and brands to make clothes people will love—and that will last. Cherish Waste has been a wonderful way to inspire consumers to hold on to fashions and accessories that are dear to them.

Officially launched online and in select stores on May 5, the Cherish Waste collection contains five Naia™ Renew fashion pieces, including a fiery-heart, printed shirt and loose-fit pants; a silhouette-flattering; cut-out bodysuit; a slinky, slip-style dress; and a ruffled, heart-shaped handbag.

Cherish Waste fashion in Naia Renew
Cherish Waste fashion we love in Naia™ Renew, including a relaxed-fit twill with printed heart pattern; a cutout bodysuit in soft, double-layered jersey; a long, slip-style satiny dress with lace-trimmed V-neck; and a heart-shaped bag in faux leather with ruffle-trimmed edges. Photos courtesy of H&M.

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