H&M’s pioneering new collection, which incorporates Eastman Naia™ Renew cellulosic fiber, celebrates two themes: sustainability and joy. The collection, titled Innovation Circular Design Story, comes from H&M’s new Innovation Stories series, which spotlights new approaches to recyclability and circularity by showcasing new material innovations and cutting-edge waste-conscious techniques. To celebrate this new collection, H&M has teamed up with fashionistas and influencers to embrace the excitement and anticipation of party prep and dressing up at events and on social media profiles. The collection has also been recently featured in VogueGlamour, and Harper’s Bazaar.

This collection was designed to celebrate self-expression and the joy of fashion, highlighting how even the most vibrant and playful of looks can be built with circularity in mind. The collection celebrates clothing’s transformative powers, paying tribute to the cheerful and, recently, much-missed process of getting dressed up. So it was perfectly suited to the recent Fashion Awards, an evening dedicated to great style and celebrating the most forward-thinking ideas and people in the fashion industry.

“People have preconceived notions about what circularity is. With Circular Design Story, we wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to design a bright, fashion-focused collection with circularity in mind. We wanted to show new possibilities and offer something hopeful,” said Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative advisor at H&M.

This is H&Ms most circular collection ever, and it has been designed using a design tool called the “Circulator,” which allows the H&M design team to consider all stages of the garment creation process, from expected lifetime to materials and design strategies. The Circulator is being developed by H&M Group to support the company in its efforts to become more circular and help them reach their goal of becoming climate positive by 2040. The aim is that all H&M products will be designed using the tool by 2025.

An H&M’s influencer recently highlighted Naia™ in this great video: Naia™ Renew from Eastman Gives Waste A New Life | H&M!

H&M circular design