Loungewear has been a bright spot for the global fashion industry throughout the pandemic with both high street and mass brands adding loungewear to their portfolios. As the loungewear trend matures, opportunities exist for brands to better understand how to transition their loungewear offerings to meet the needs of the post-pandemic consumer. Earlier this year, Eastman conducted a study among 2,000 U.S. and European consumers to identify key opportunities for brands to accelerate their loungewear sales by finding new occasions for loungewear to be worn, closing consumer satisfaction gaps with new fiber solutions and better connecting loungewear to the growing demand for sustainable materials.

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Loungewear use habits and preferences

The universal mass casualization trend is fueling loungewear growth over other apparel categories in the home and outside the home.

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Loungewear shopping habits

Comfort, fit, and quality drive loungewear purchases, but significant satisfaction gaps with those attributes create opportunities for category disruption.

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Expectations on loungewear materials and fibers

Cotton is king in the loungewear segment, but consumers are open to new and different fibers that can close their comfort, fit, and quality satisfaction gaps.

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Sustainability as a purchase influencer

Sustainability is not a key driver in loungewear today, although products with strong sustainable material stories could appeal to consumers as interest in sustainability rises over time.

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Sustainable comfort in loungewear every day, everywhere

Loungewear is today’s version of the little black dress, the must-have item in every woman’s closet, offering all-day comfort without a sacrifice in style. Naia™ cellulosic fiber from Eastman is a sustainable, innovative, and luxuriously soft choice for loungewear. Our Naia™ staple fiber blends incredibly well with other eco-friendly materials such as sustainable modal and recycled polyester to create high-quality, quick-drying, cozy loungewear including T-shirts and hoodies, comfy pants and tops, twinsets and jumpsuits, and sweaters and maxi dresses. With its proven ease of care, hypoallergenic properties, and effective odor management, Naia™ is the perfect choice for everyday wear.

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