Manufacturer meets consumer demand for performance, safety and aesthetics

KINGSPORT, Tennessee

Tan Phu Vietnam is well aware of its consumers’ high expectations for the products they use every day. The company kept those expectations in mind when it searched for a superior material choice for its Inochi line of reusable water bottles, selecting Eastman Tritan™ copolyester.

The collaboration between Tan Phu Vietnam and Eastman is already paying off, as Inochi Tritan water bottles are now one of the company’s bestselling products in Vietnamese markets and are used by consumers in other countries, such as Israel. Inochi is a premium Vietnamese household brand with products highly regarded for their performance and elegant design.

The new Inochi water bottles were developed with the needs of the whole family in mind. To meet customer preferences, developers needed the new reusable bottles to be attractive with the crystal clarity of glass and the durability of a polymer. They needed to be made from a material that appealed to consumers mindful of health when it comes to hydration.

Inochi’s product development team found their material in Tritan. Eastman’s industry-leading copolyester has high chemical and heat resistance to make it safe for repeated dishwasher cycles while maintaining glasslike clarity and toughness to resist cracking and crazing. Tritan is also BPA free — not manufactured with bisphenol A (BPA) or other bisphenol compounds — and shatter resistant, so it’s safer for the entire family to use throughout the day, indoors and outdoors. The easy processing qualities of Tritan also played to the bottle design aesthetics that emphasize elegance and user friendliness.

A line of Inochi Kita bottles is available in various forms tailored for sports activities, commuting and travel, while the Inochi Goki line ranges from sippy cups to bottles with playful designs for students. Each Inochi line is available in 350-, 500- and 750-milliliter sizes. They are available in supermarkets and convenience stores throughout Vietnam, in Inochi showrooms and on the company’s website.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Eastman, as bringing new Tritan products to customers not only helps Tan Phu, in general, and Inochi, in particular, enlarge and diversify our portfolio but also affirms our determination to meet the increasing needs of customers with improved quality and safer products,” said Tan Phu Vietnam President Tuan Hoang. “This has enabled immediate growth in the markets we serve.”

Inochi Tritan™ water bottle attached to bicycle

 Inochi hydration bottles made with Tritan

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