Eastman cellulose acetate (CA-398-6)


  • Auto refinish

Product description

<P>Eastman Cellulose Acetate CA-398-6 is a low viscosity solution grade cellulose acetate. When dissolved in appropriate solvents selected for CA-398-6, a clear, colorless solution is produced. Eastman CA-398-6 is supplied in the form of fine, dry, free-flowing powder.</P><P>Eastman CA-398-6 is based on cellulose, one of the most abundant natural renewable resources. The calculated approximate bio-content value of 55% for Eastman CA-398-6 was determined by using six bio-based carbon atoms per anhyroglucose unit divided by the total number of carbons per anhyroglucose unit. Although the value reported is not specifically measured for bio-carbon, it can be estimated based on typical partition data.</P>

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