Thiram SC

Chemical synonyms: Tetramethylthiuram disulfide, Bis (dimethyldithiocarbamoyl) disulfide, Thiuram


  • Fungicides

Product description

Growers can use Thiram SC as a broad-spectrum, protectant fungicide to protect strawberries, peaches, and seeds from disease development with multisite activity. In addition, Thiram SC is an excellent taste repellent against plant damage from animals. University and independent research have shown for years that Thiram is highly effective and can be an important part of your integrated pest management (IPM) program. Using Thiram SC with other fungicide classes can lower your cost, increase your spectrum of control, and minimize resistance development. Thiram SC applications are most effective before disease development.</br></br></br> </br></br></br> Thiram SC is a multisite fungicide (Group M3) that inhibits spore germination and mycelium growth by interfering with various enzymes involved in the respiration process. Its ability to act on many sites of the biochemical process ensures that Thiram SC remains at low risk for resistance development and retains its efficacy against many fungi.

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